Niada Argolini is a living goddess who has founded our agency on our core values of feminine beauty, elegance and professionality – attributes we put to service for our clients.

Our almost obsessive attention to detail and strong sense of responsibility are thanks to Niada, qualities which make our service stand out from the crowd, and ensure the client always comes first with every task entrusted to our care.


I’m an entrepreneur, investor, keen fitness fanatic and Woman, who pays attention to detail and the curaation of image. My sense of elegance and sensual femininity highlight everything I undertake.
I guide my company with seamless professionality, putting the needs of my clients first, providing a first-class service down to the finest detail.

The daughter of separated parents, I spend my childhood in a province close to the Italian city of Padua, surrounded by male influences: my Father, my older brother and my twin.
I was drawn to the world of stiletto heels, red lipstick and painted nails much later than my peers, but femininity has always been an innate part of my personality and naturally, I became more immersed in this world as I matured from a child to a young woman.

Having learned about my body and my sensuality I began to take my first steps in the world of fashion, launching my career both as a fashion model as well as a lingerie and swimwear model. I gained my degree much later on than is standard, graduating in economics at the age of 30 – but with excellent results,
proof that it’s never too late to realise your dreams.
After graduating I paused and thought: I’ve just studied economics and I’ve always been a fashion and events model. I should bring those two together!

From the union of my two passions, NIKI events was born in 2004, a fusion of NI from Niada and KI from Chiara, my dear friend who shared my dream and has since chosen to dedicate her time to her new role as a mother.

I rolled up my sleeves and decided to move my business forward solo.

My passion and enthusiasm for this dream made reality grew stronger, giving me the courage to push further and grow my business.
I started up another service, managing male and female models for events, creating NIKI Model with the aim of bringing a touch of Italian-style glamour, elegance and attitude to international events, training up multi-lingual young men and women for every situation.

My inquisitive, go-getting nature has always spurred me in the hunt for the best, and I am always asking myself ‘What can I do next?’
I’m a woman with a talent for attention to detail, so what can I do to use this?
After some thought and a lot of hard work Fashion Uniform was created, a new company which designs and creates personalised garments for every event.
I ran the two companies separately for several years.
Everything went brilliantly, and so I decided to merge everything under the NIKI Events name.
In recent years I have studied and trained to increase my expertise in Business Etiquette, convinced that an image of success is always accompanied by an education in good manners.